Anindita Laksmiputri
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08. May 2024

Putri has broad knowledge and profound experience in her area of expertise are unquestionable, evidenced by her delivery of hundreds of projects, review of psychological tools, and contributions to numerous competency profiling projects and consulting initiatives such as Strategic Talent Review. She also ensures the assessment process adheres to regulations and timelines, consistently delivering high-quality work on time.

Putri’s qualifications are further bolstered by her impressive certifications. She holds credentials as a Targeted Selection System Interviewer, allowing her to expertly interview candidates using DDI’s methodology. Additionally, her certifications as a Human Resources Practitioner and Dimension Analyst demonstrate her deep understanding of the field. Finally, her Facilitator certification further develops her skills, enabling her to confidently deliver a wide range of DDI courses. This has allowed her to work with well-known companies–such as PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia, PT Gramedia, PT Beiersdorf Indonesia, PT ExxonMobil Lubricants, and PT Kalbe Farma.