How to Attract Gen Z Candidates
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05. Jun 2024

Gen Z is entering the workforce in droves. But how do you, as an employer, appeal to this digitally native, purpose-driven generation? How do you ditch the outdated tactics and build a recruiting strategy that connects to Gen Z?

This guide will crack the code on attracting Gen Z candidates. We’ll explore how to connect and communicate your company values to Gen Z.

Be Communicative
Communicate openly and transparently the needs and expectations of your company as well as what it’s like to work there. Gen Z appreciates honesty and staying informed. Continue this style of communication throughout the recruitment process and even within your company to build a more inviting employer brand for young people.

Connect with Campus
Did you know that many Gen Z start their job hunt from before their graduation? This makes it all the more important to connect with students and university career centers. This can significantly broaden your sourcing pool and your company can get an edge on the best talents.

Update Your Career Site
When someone from Gen Z is interested in your company, one of the first places they will visit is your website. This is considered the most trusted place for information about your company. If your website is out of date or designed poorly, this may discourage them from sending in their application.

Make Use of Social Media & Technology
While Gen Z prefers face-to-face communication over texts or calls, the digital natives live a lot of their lives on social media and find job vacancies on the various platforms. Additionally, most Gen Z’s state that they won’t apply to a company who’s hiring practices are out of date.
By implementing these strategies, you will attract and retain top Gen Z talent through various channels and methods, and make the best team for your company!